Statement of Interest

Kelly-Rogers Administration

I submit this form to express my interest in working in the Kelly-Rogers Administration of Kansas State Government. I understand this is not a formal job application and that I am not bound by this Statement of Interest.

Effective governing of the State of Kansas requires a large and reliable workforce with a wide variety of skills, talents and interests. To help determine where your skills and work habits would fit best in that workforce, please attach an additional page that describes your style and conditions of optimum performance.

For instance, do you prefer a quiet space with very specifically focused assignments? Do you prefer interaction with numbers of people and lots of different types of assignments? Do you prefer flexible or irregular hours during a work week? Do you prefer a regular set schedule in which to work and complete assignments? Would you describe yourself as a self-starter who finds additional work if your assigned tasks have been completed? Do you prefer a specified list of assignments to be completed within a specified time frame? Do you enjoy research and fact-checking?

Are you skilled with numbers and math? Do you enjoy interacting with people often? Are you creative with events?

Please give any additional information about which would be helpful in making decisions about your potential employment and working situation.

Governor-elect Laura Kelly is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values a multi-cultural, diverse working environment. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to apply. The Transition Team prohibits discrimination of employment based on gender, disability, race, age, national origin, color, creed, sexual orientation, sex (including marital and parental status), gender identity and expression, religion, economic status, ethnic identity, veteran's status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.