Release: Gov-elect Laura Kelly announces advisors to the transition team

Gov-elect Laura Kelly announces advisors to the transition team

Governor-elect Laura Kelly today released the names of experts working with her Transition Team to collect information and insight into the executive branch and agencies in preparation for the transition of power on January 14th, 2019.

“Kansans made it very clear that they want us to work together to rebuild our state,” said Kelly. “I’m bringing in experts to help gather information, ask tough questions, and assist my staff as we prepare to take office. These folks have diverse backgrounds and knowledge in areas of critical importance. I am grateful to each of them for volunteering their time to help Kansas.”

The advisors are meeting with current secretaries and staff to learn more about each agency and challenges they face.

“The rebuilding process won’t be easy. We all know we have a very long, challenging road ahead of us,” said Kelly. “But if we work together we can begin to make Kansas a better place for our children and families.”

Advisors to the Transition:

Carl Brewer
Patty Clark
Christy Davis
Shanelle Dupree
Elaine Frisbie
Kathy Greenlee
Michelle Hannah
Gov. Mike Hayden
Laura Howard
Don Jordan
Peter Karman
Dr. Cynthia Lane
Katrina Lewison
Alise Martiny
Brian McClendon
Keven Pellant
Eric Pippin
John Polzar
Emil Ramirez
Chuck Simmons
David Toland
Dan Watkins
Roger Werholtz

Additional advisors may be added as the Transition progresses.